IoW Green Tourism Award – additional information

Below lists some examples of how your business could meet the criteria for the Award.


Staff involvement

  • Do you encourage your staff to use sustainable transport? Are you, or do you have a climate change champion as part of your team? Do you offer a cycle to work scheme?

Sustainable travel

  • Do you provide information on your website to customers about travelling to your premises and exploring the Island using sustainable transport. Do you provide dedicated facilities for cyclists, or have been awarded a 2022 ‘Wheel of approval’ Award?
  • Do you provide a discount or incentive to customers who arrive by sustainable transport?

Dedicated facilities for walkers or dog owners

  • Do you provide dedicated facilities for walkers or is your business dog friendly?

Socially responsible ethos

  • Do you or your team champion sustainability, or our part of a local community group to tackle climate change or promote sustainability? Do you or your staff take part in regular activities such as beach cleans to enhance the environment?


Promoting local sustainable activities

Promote a car free travel

  • Do you actively promote car free travel on the Island and support the Drive less see more campaign? Do you promote local bike or scooter hire companies?

Sourcing local produce

  • Do you source local produce from the Island, or have the facilities to grow your own produce?

Promote the AONB and Biosphere areas

  • Do you promote the AONB and Biosphere areas and promote the message of asking people to respect nature?


  • Energy efficiency

Do you provide electric charging points for cars and bikes to promote the use of sustainable travel? What energy efficiency measures have you put in place recently?

  • Water saving

Do you provide washing facilities for bikes or for muddy boots and mucky pups after a long walk from a sustainable source such as a water butt?

  • Reduce, reuse and recycle

Do you provide recycling facilities for your customers and visitors? Do you encourage people to use online resources instead of printed? Do you carry out any other eco-friendly initiatives such as plastic-free cafes or restaurants? Do you compost you food or garden waste?

  • Biodiversity schemes

Whether it’s a bug hotel in your garden or wildflower planting around your business, there are small ways we can improve the biodiversity in our area. Do you do any biodiversity schemes?