How – and why – you should write a blog!

Blogging. There are many different ways to increase traffic to your website, and writing a blog is just one of them. We’ve got some handy tips for you below…

But first – why write a blog? Very often, a blog a is a personal insight into an experience, an interesting take that other’s be attracted to, agree with and then want to share.

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It has the benefit of bringing your business to a larger audience through sharing of that


blog post AND increasing traffic to your website. Search engines, such as Google, look at things such as content, shares and links as one of many factors that determine where a website appears in their ranking.

Here are some key factors to writing a successful blog…

  • Length – 300 to 500 words.
Images – 3 to 4 good images that reflect what you are talking about (make sure they are your own/copyright free/you have permission to use them!).
  • Links out – ideally, you want to keep people on your site – but a link to another site is seen as a good use of community.
  • Content – think of the angle! Why are you writing it, who would you like to be reading it. Perhaps it’s a certain time of the year (Christmas/Halloween/Easter/Bank Holiday) – think what will attract the reader to what you have to say.
  • If you’re writing about why you love the Isle of Wight, make it personal; really give people some insider knowledge and tell them why certain places are so important for you.
  • You also shouldn’t replicate information that you already have on your own website or another blog – Google will penalise both sites if it sees exactly the same content on each.


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Visit Isle of Wight’s own blog posts

You’re not writing War And Peace, or all 7 instalments of Harry Potter…  here’s a way to break it down!

  • Think of a title
  • Explain why you’ve chosen that subject
  • Write another few paragraphs of around 100 words each

And you’re done! Publish your blog – and if you’ve got the taste for it, start thinking about your next one…

Don’t forget to let Visit Wight Pro know about your blog post- we’d love to see what you’ve produced, and share good practice!

This blog was inspired by the blog of PR guru Janet Murray. You can find her own blogging site here

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