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Four year overview

  • The average trip length for Isle of Wight holidays in 2016 was the same as the South West region as a whole (but grew to 5.9nights in the summer holidays) and the average spend per trip was £195.14p (domestic visitors). This is now just £3 lower than the South East average, a considerable improvement on previous years. Back in 2012 the average spend was just £163.
  • Holiday day trips, short breaks and longer holidays to the Island have all seen an increase over the last four years.
  • In 2016 Short breaks to the Island (up to 4 nights) are the highest they have been for five years. Recovery began in 2014 following a long term decline.
  • In 2016 Longer stay holidays on the Island also reached their highest for six years, and have been increasing since 2013. (up more than 50,000 compared with 2012).
  • Day trips to the Isle of Wight have been increasing since 2013 and reached their highest level for four years in 2016. However, little growth was experienced between 2015 and 2016.
  • VFR day visits are declining year on year, but business day trips increased in 2016 after a long term decline.
  • As with the national trends, the number of overnight VFR’s fell steeply in 2014, recovered in 2015, but have dipped again in 2016. (We do not have 2016 national VFR figures to compare this result with yet).
  • Business overnight trips continue to decline in volume.
  • Overseas visitors increased in the summer of 2016 for the first time in 6 years (from 5% to 7.5% of all visitors – more than a 45% increase in volume, from 50,500 to 72,000. The top overseas countries of origin in the summer of 2016 were: France (1st) Germany, Australia, Austria, New Zealand, USA and Spain.
  • Overall visitor numbers to the Isle of Wight are the highest they have been for five years, despite the collapse of overnight business trips and a decay in VFR markets.

Whilst we have to continue to do more to engage with all holiday audiences, especially families – who continue to decline as a total share of visitors, we also need to consider new initiatives to attract the VFR markets (especially staying visitors who spend in our wider economy) and overseas markets, which offer considerable opportunity under the current climate.


Visit Isle of Wight LTD – Tourism Trends Research – Visitor Volume and value reports

This research is carried out by Tourism South East and owned by Visit Isle of Wight Ltd. The documents below report on all trading periods since our launch in October 2012. Research documents relating to periods prior to Visit Isle of Wight’s launch are not available from us, but may be requested from Isle of Wight Council Economic Development Department (01983 821000)

  1. Tourism Trends Period 1 (January – March) 2017
  2. Tourism Trends period 4 (September – December) 2016
  3. Tourism Trends period 3 (July – September) 2016
  4. Tourism Trends period 2 (March – July) 2016
  5. Tourism Trends Period 1 (Jan – March) 2016
  6. Tourism Trends Period 4 (September to December) 2015
  7. Tourism Trends Period 3 (14 July to 31 August) 2015
  8. Tourism Trends Period 2 (March to July) 2015
  9. Tourism Trends Period 1 (Jan – March) 2015
  10. Tourism Trends Period 4 (Sept – Dec 2014)
  11. Tourism Trends period 3 (July to September) 2014
  12. Tourism Trends Period 2 (March to July) 2014
  13. Tourism Trends Period 1 (January to March) 2014
  14. Tourism Trends Period 4 (September to December) 2013
  15. Tourism Trends Period 3 (July to September) 2013
  16. Tourism Trends Period 2 (March to July) 2013
  17. Tourism Trends Period 1 (January to March) 2013
  18. Tourism Trends Period 4 (September to December) 2012

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