Voluntary Contributions

Voluntary Contributions

We are often asked “how can I take part in your marketing campaigns, advertise on your website or feature in your press coverage?”.  This page explains how you can feature in the annual marketing and promotional activity and the yearly press coverage created by Visit Isle of Wight LTD.

What is a voluntary contribution?

By making a voluntary contribution you will be supporting the strategic marketing objectives and operation of Visit Isle of Wight Limited.

In return for an annual voluntary contribution you will automatically receive a number of benefits including a free web page on the Island’s official tourism website – www.visitisleofwight.co.uk

What are the benefits?

Below is a list of benefits that Voluntary Contributors will receive upon payment of their annual voluntary contribution:

  • Web page – 12 month web page on the official Isle of Wight website (www.visitisleofwight.co.uk). Our website continues to be the top ranking, number one tourism website for the Island year on year. We invest heavily in search engine optimisation (SEO) to ensure that our website appears on the first page of Google.
  • Find out more about what you get with your FREE web page here!
  • Blogs – the opportunity to be mentioned in our blogs on our website.
  • Competitions – the opportunity to be part of promotional opportunities including competitions on the website and on our social media channels.
  • Marketing campaigns – the opportunity to be included in our marketing campaigns where appropriate. Our website is the marketing tool and call to action for the various off Island campaigns we do throughout the year whether on a digital poster advert at Waterloo or via PR that appears in national and international newspapers.
  • Visitor e-newsletters – our website is also the marketing tool and call to action for the visitor e-newsletters that we regularly send to promote the Isle of Wight.
  • Press trips – the opportunity to participate in press related activities including press trips.
  • Social coverage – highlight your press coverage and awards on our social platforms. We feature good press and awards for businesses regularly on social.
  • Image library – free use of our photos (please credit each photo that you use as follows: Copyright: www.visitisleofwight.co.uk)
  • Industry e-newsletters – receive information, tips and advice that could benefit your business and stay up to date with the work of Visit Isle of Wight
  • Tourism events – invitation to tourism events (including online events).

How much is it to make a voluntary contribution?

The voluntary contribution cost is based on business rates and is calculated as follows:

  1. Businesses that have a rateable value below £3,000 or have no business rates will be invited to pay £150 + VAT for 12 months.
  2. Businesses that have a rateable value above £3,000 will be invited to pay the equivalent to 1.75% + VAT of the rateable value or a minimum of £150 + VAT, whichever is higher. Please note that the minimum contribution is £150 + VAT.

How do I make a voluntary contribution?

If you’re interested in making a voluntary contribution to support Visit Isle of Wight Ltd, please email Jill Harlow at jill@visitwight.org – Jill will be able to provide you with a quote as to how much the voluntary contribution will be plus she will answer any other queries you have.