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Press Office Update (April 2017)

The Visit Isle of Wight press team continues to secure coverage for the Island’s holiday attractions, accommodation providers and its resorts, towns and villages. So far this year, we have hosted journalists from The Guardian, The Sunday Times, Landlove magazine as well as several travel bloggers including Globalmouse and manaboutadogblog. Those heading our way are Camping magazine, the Bristol Post

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Become a Board Director

HAVE YOU CONSIDERED BECOMING A BOARD DIRECTOR OF VISIT ISLE OF WIGHT LTD? In accordance with our promise to the Island’s tourism industry, Visit Isle of Wight has now changed our articles of association to open up company membership to all WIGHT BID levy payers. In doing so, 12 board director positions are now available. We therefore invite all WIGHT

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Medina Coastal Community

We would like your thoughts! The Department for Communities and Local Government have awarded a grant to the Isle of Wight to establish a Coastal Community Team for the Medina Estuary, stretching from the beaches of Cowes and East Cowes to the quay and town centre in Newport. As its focus the Medina Estuary Coastal Community will focus on ways

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Press Stories Opportunity

Visit Isle of Wight are looking for stories from tourism business owners. We want to maximise our ‘Return to Adventure Island’ campaign by sharing stories of real, Isle of Wight people who have returned to Adventure Island to set up a tourism related business. Maybe you came to the Isle of Wight as a child and returned to set up

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Adventure Island Family promotion

If you’re looking to attract family visitors in 2017, we would would like to invite you to feature in “Return to Adventure Island”  which is one of 9 thematic and 5 cluster campaigns we are running this WIGHTBID year (Sept 2016 to Sept 2017). There is no cost to having your products showcased in our campaigns, providing your organisation or

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