Advertising Opportunities

Add more information to your standard web page and increase the exposure of the web page by purchasing bolt-on’s and rankings.

Social Media Bolt-on

Keep your page fresh and lively by displaying your latest Twitter and Facebook feeds.

£31.50 + VAT for 12 months.

Social media bolt on - example image of the Royal Hotel's Twitter account

TripAdvisor Bolt-on

Show off your latest reviews by adding a feed onto your web page.

£31.50 + VAT for 12 months.

Trip advisor bolt on - example image of a Traveller rating

Additional Images Bolt-on

Let people see how special your business is by displaying additional high quality images. You can display up to 10 images on a web page.

£18.90 + VAT per image for 12 months.

additional images bolt on - example image of Royal Hotel

Availability/online Booking / Direct Booking Link Bolt-on

This allows visitors to check your availability and book online or link through to your own booking system.

£69.30 + VAT for 12 months.

Availability or Online Booking or Directbooking bolt on - image of Woodcliffe Holiday apartments example

Enhanced & Premium Rankings

Appear higher in search results and editorial pages by purchasing these rankings. The enhanced ranking web pages will appear higher than the standard web pages and the premium ranking web pages will appear higher than the standard web pages and enhanced web pages. Also your web page will appear within the ‘what’s nearby’ feature on other web pages.

Accommodation only – you will also need to the have the availability/online booking bolt-on to gain full benefit.

Enhanced – £69.30 + VAT for 12 months.

Premium – £195.30 + VAT for 12 months.

enahnced and premium rankings - example image of attractions near the West Wight


Navigation Box Feature

Highlight your business on the main menu, so that it’s prominent as soon as visitors use the website.

£525 for 3 months / £840 for 6 months / £1,260 for 12 months. (all + VAT)

Navigation box feature - example image of Shanklin Villa and Luccombe HallHotel looking prominent on the page

Page Header Feature

Be the first to be seen on an editorial page! This will link to your Visit Isle of Wight web page. Choose which page you would like to appear on. Examples of two types of page headers below (please note, it depends on editorial page you choose as to which page header will be displayed):

Page header feature - example image number 1 of top of page banner featuring businesses and example image number 2 shows large scale picture of just one business
Page header other pages.jpg

Main page – £525 for 3 months / £840 for 6 months / £1,050 for 12 months. (all +VAT)

Other page – £315 for 3 months / £525 for 6 months / £840 for 12 months. (all + VAT)

Home Page Editorial Referral

Get your business mentioned in the editorial content on the home page, with a link to your Visit Isle of Wight web page. This is the first editorial content visitors will see when they go to the website.

£367.50 + VAT per month.

Home page editorial - image demonstrates where a business would feature in some home page editorial

Home Page Top Image

Put your business on the homepage within the carousel area. This image carousel is at the top of the home page and will link directly to your Visit Isle of Wight web page.

£100 + VAT per month.

home page top image - example image show the carousel at the top of the home page showing a business as part of the things to do
Home page top image - mobile phone version image demonstrates where your business would appear on the home page carousel

Editorial Hyperlinks

Get visitors thinking about your business when they’re reading about the Island. We’ll link editorial mentions to your Visit Isle of Wight web page.

£157.50 for 3 months / £210 for 6 months / £315 for 12 months. (all + VAT)

Editorial Hyperlinks - example image demonstrate where your business links would appear in editorial on the website

Additional Web Pages

Highlight another strength of your business within different sections of the website to obtain extra exposure, for example appear within accommodation and food/drink sections.

£84 + VAT for 12 months.

Banner Adverts

Provide an advert in your own style to promote your business. This will appear on the home page or editorial page of your choice. Please note design is subject to approval.

Home page:

  • Homepage banner – £315 for 3 months / £525 for 6 months / £945 for 12 months. (all + VAT)

Editorial pages:

  • Other page banner – £262.50 for 3 months / £420 for 6 months / £630 for 12 months. (all + VAT)
Banner adverts - example image of a banner advert appearing in a carousel

NEW Blog Banner Advert

Place an advert within the editorial of Visit Isle of Wight’s blog

£300 per blog + VAT

Blog banner advert - example image of your advert appear as a banner within a blog


We currently have over 22,000 subscribers to our visitor e-newsletter. This is increasing by an average of 200 subscribers per month.

See below the different ways you can advertise within the e-newsletters:

Featured Box

Promote your business with an image, 50 words and link to your website.

£157.50 + VAT per box

e-newsletter featured box- example image of adventure activities featured box


Provide an advert to appear in three e-newsletters that links to your website.

£315 + VAT for 3 issues.

e-newsletter banner - example image of how a banner would appear in the e-newsletter

Solus e-newsletter

Take over a whole e-newsletter! Tell our subscribers all about what you are offering. This can include news, stories, competition, special offers and much more. (includes 4 links to your own website and one link to your own social media)

£630 + VAT per e-newsletter.

solus e-newsletter - example image of a vectis ventures solus e-newsletter


Instagram Story

Get your business discovered on our Instagram stories. We will upload up to 8 slides (videos or images) that will appear at the top of the 13.7k+ followers news feeds. Plus after 24 hours your story will be highlighted on our profile page for 2 months.

£157.50 + VAT (plus optional £21 per slide to create your content for you if required).

instagram story - example image of the isle of wight walking festival instagram story

NEW Instagram Post

Promote your business with words and a tag on one of our Instagram posts

£100 per post + VAT

Instagram post - example image of an Visit Isle of Wight Instagram post of Compton Bay

NEW Facebook Top Cover Feature

Promote your business to 42k+ followers by purchasing the top cover image on our Facebook page. Three images are available, to include the location as the first image and two other images that promote your business. Your website link will appear in the comment section.

from £300 per month + VAT


Competition Promotion Package

Organise a competition and we will promote it through our website and Twitter channel. It will also be promoted through a solus e-newsletter and a featured box in two more e-newsletters.

£1,575 + VAT per package.

VIOW Website Logo
competition promotion package - example image of a Vectis Ventures 'win a family holiday' competition

Please contact Jill Harlow to book your advertising or for further information. Call Jill on 01983 521555 ext 26 or email