Travel Ambassadors

Our Travel Ambassadors are the volunteers out in the community who help us to encourage visitors to give their car a break by using public transport or by walking or cycling. The Isle of Wight has a reliable bus network and a fantastic range of footpaths and cycle routes for visitors to explore. Our Travel Ambassadors help to reinforce the message that the Isle of Wight is a fantastic car-free destination.

Travel Ambassadors are mainly based at the Island’s ferry terminals, train stations and other locations where visitors may seek information about how they can travel around the island.

Linked to the Travel Ambassador role, we also offer volunteering opportunities at events and at our Visitor Information Centre at the Guildhall in Newport. For each of the roles, we ask our volunteers to familiarise themselves with transport links, route maps and other related content that will help them to answer questions from members of the public.

For volunteers who wish to have a bit more flexibility, there is also an opportunity to become a social media content creator. We’re building up our Travel Ambassador Facebook page and would love to share your photos, videos and blogs that relate to walking, cycling and using public transport. If you’d like to become a volunteer, please complete this short application form.