Campaign Toolkits

To access our current range of toolkits, click on the “TOOLKIT” menu option from the homepage and select the toolkit you want.

How to appear in a  campaign toolkit: Many tourism businesses ask us “how do we get our business featured in your campaigns, is it expensive?” Firstly, there is no charge, providing you are a WIGHT BID levy payer or a voluntary marketing contributor.

Elements from the campaign toolkits we produce are also sent to journalists, bloggers and other tourist agencies like Visit Britain and Tourism South East. If you feature in a toolkit, there is a very good chance that you’ll appear in newspaper print, or a high profile online news channel like the Huffington Post or Daily Mail travel section.

Toolkits are also used by VisitWight’s own tourism partners: The ferry operators extract information from the toolkits to put on their websites, emails and newsletters. Train companies feature lists and images from toolkits, and literally hundreds of Island social media channels copy and share stories and offers from the toolkits to the rest of the world.

You need to think far ahead: A campaign to attract more visitors in October will be launched three months before that, and therefore the toolkit is likely to be needed four or five months before the actual holiday period we’re talking about. The good news is that if you subscribe to our industry news and resources email newsletter, you will be automatically reminded as the deadline for a particular campaign comes up.

One of the major benefits of toolkits and thematic campaigns is that many voices across the Island promote one main message at the same time. This ensures that our Island voice gets heard. Having a coherent marketing strategy is essential if we are to cut through and get attention in an increasingly busy media environment.

Read our campaign timetable for the year

Using Toolkits that have already been published

Once a toolkit is published, the contents become known as “assets”. The assets are photos, words & descriptions, graphics, videos and other resources that are copyright free for WIGHT BID levy members, voluntary contributors and professional travel companies to use as well.

You can save, copy, cut and paste any of the assets in this toolkits and use them in your own publicity material, emails, newsletters, brochures and websites for free, providing you are encouraging people to visit the Isle of Wight.

For example: You might want to send the “Romantic breaks” twitter images from your twitter account, but link them to a romantic breaks offer on your website. You can use the romantic photos on your website or in your flyers. Every toolkit comes with a word document that contains descriptions, fun facts, lists of things to do, where to eat and what to see. Use the copy that helps you to sell your own business and a holiday on the Isle of Wight.

Here’s a checklist for making sure you feature in our campaign toolkits in the future:

  1. Subscribe to our industry newsletter to receive alerts about upcoming campaigns
  2. Read the Campaign Timetable 
  3. Contact Visit Isle of Wight to discuss ideas or let us know about a package, product, event or activity that fits with our campaign themes