Toolkit: Festival of the Sea

Toolkit Assets – 2017 Festival of the Sea. Right click on any of the images or documents on this page to save them to your computer. Use these images and descriptions to encourage people to revisit your accommodation, attractions, bars and restaurants this June and July.

VIDEO TRAILER (40 seconds). You can copy and paste this video link into your website. You’ll notice that the 40 second trailer doesn’t have a call to action website at the end. This is so you can use the video on your own site. If you wish to promote the Visit Isle of Wight page of Festival of Sea events then link to this address:

Banners & MPU’s you can use to click back to your own special offers in connection with Festival of the Sea, or alternatively link to the main event page for Festival of the Sea.


VIOW-FoS-2017-MPU-1 VIOW-FoS-2017-MPU-2VIOW-FoS-2017-MPU-3 VIOW-FoS-2017-MPU-4VIOW-FoS-2017-MPU-logo-1 VIOW-FoS-2017-MPU-logo-2VIOW-FoS-2017-MPU-logo-3 VIOW-FoS-2017-MPU-logo-4

FOTS Short and Long V2
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VIOW-FoS-2017-Carousel-image VIOW-FoS-2017-Facebook-1VIOW-FoS-2017-Facebook-2 VIOW-FoS-2017-Facebook-3VIOW-FoS-2017-Facebook-4VIOW-FoS-2017-gallery-image-1220x645VIOW-FoS-2017-Instagram-1VIOW-FoS-2017-Instagram-2VIOW-FoS-2017-Instagram-3VIOW-FoS-2017-Instagram-4VIOW-FoS-2017-Twitter-1VIOW-FoS-2017-Twitter-2VIOW-FoS-2017-Twitter-3VIOW-FoS-2017-Twitter-4VIOW-FoS-2017-web-banner-1VIOW-FoS-2017-web-banner-2VIOW-FoS-2017-web-banner-3VIOW-FoS-2017-web-banner-logo-3VIOW-FoS-2017-web-banner-logo-4VIOW-FoS-LOGO