Southern Vectis Key Card scheme

Accommodation providers who achieve at least silver level of the Green Star scheme may be eligible to join the Southern Vectis key card scheme.

Members of the key card scheme will be able to offer selected guests free bus travel to show them just how easy it is to travel around the Island without their own four wheels. The key cards are pre-loaded with credit and are free of charge to accommodation providers and their guests.

If you become a member, we’ll ask you to carefully select those of your customers who have brought their own car to the island so that we make the biggest impact in travel behaviour change. You’ll then lend the card to your guest for the day, collect it back when they return and you’ll be ready to lend it to someone else the next time. We’ll provide you with surveys that ask users to tell us about their journey and we’ll be asking you to send these to us regularly.

We already have lots of key cards in circulation and we’re receiving fantastic feedback. If you’d like to find out more, please email