Potential Dining Out Promotion

Proposed Pilot Scheme to create a Dining Out Promotion this September or October (TBC)

A number of our WIGHT BID levy payers in the Food and Drink sector have asked us to look at the possibility of creating something similar to the very successful TENNER FEST that has operated in Jersey for a number of years.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept, the Jersey tourist board promotes a range of offers around £10 to encourage short break takers and foodies to visit their Island during a shoulder period and dine in style for a special rate.

Visit Isle of Wight is keen to hear if you would like to participate in a pilot scheme for a similar promotion on the Island this Autumn. We think that there is potential to promote dining out offers to mainland visitors throughout the month.

  1. We would like to know if you would like to see such a promotion run in September or October (excluding the last half term week of the month)
  2. We would like to know if there are sufficient dining out places who wish to participate in this promotion on the Island
  3. You can also upload an offer in draft form via the link below (We will come back to you to confirm details)

Click here to go straight to our feedback form or/and to upload your offer

Our Solent transport operators are also prepared to offer special rates if the promotion goes ahead.

We are considering Classic FM and one national newspaper or a couple of regional papers as our media partners for this promotion. We would also feature these offers on our enewsletters sent out to around 45,000 a month, and on our visitisleofwight.co.uk website, seen by over 4,000 people a day.

Are you interested in participating in this promotion and putting forward an offer based around the number 10. This could be 10% off, or two meals / one meal for a tenner, spend £10 and receive X free, something along these lines. We would inform prospective customers that they would need to book in advance, directly with you, and that all deals are subject to availability.

You could include all days of the week, or just specific days to suit your business trends.

There would be no charge for your inclusion in this promotional scheme, which will be funded by the Wight BID if it goes ahead. We’ll need a range of offers from across the Island to make such a promotion viable.

Click here to go straight to our feedback form or/and to upload your offer

Please note that the deadline for deciding if we have enough offers to go ahead is Monday 14th August 2017.