Marketing Campaigns 2017

Marketing Campaigns overview, and how to feature in them. 

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We believe that the Isle of Wight is a fantastic place to visit, for the day, a short break or a longer holiday.

More than half of all the families and couples who visit us every year fall in love with the Island and visit regularly, some for many years. We know this through a survey of 15,000 people carried out last year. Therefore, if we can increase the number of people who visit us for the first time, we will be laying down the foundations for repeat visits over future years.

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give yourself a break

Last year 30,000 visitors came to the Island for the very first time. The number of first time visitors has been growing for the last four years. We think that within three years we can increase the number of first time visitors to 60,000 a year, and increase the number of repeat visits in any one season. Overall, we hope to grow the overall number of visitors from 2.7million a year to 3 million a year by 2021.

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The main purpose of our campaigns is to attract new visitors from the UK mainland and overseas. We choose themes, imagery, and messages that we think will grab the attention of our target customers, and showcase Island tourism and hospitality products and experiences.

Of course we must also keep reminding our regular and occasional visitors to keep visiting as well, so that they don’t drift off and become loyal to other destinations.

Our campaigns tell all potential visitors what makes the Isle of Wight a special place to visit at a specific time of year. We try to inspire them, and provide reasons to book a visit now.

Insert: Adventure Isle campaign banner (Easter 2017)

Campaign Descriptions and Timetable

Visit Isle of Wight divides campaigns into three types: thematic, cluster or event.

A thematic campaign has an underlying theme, (eg wellness or maritime) and takes place during specific periods of the year.

A cluster campaign is aimed at trade customers and specialist audiences (eg coach tours or weddings & celebration venues) and happens over longer periods.

An event campaign attracts mainland visitors to a specific event or festival. We promote all events, but we work closest with events we believe are “attract” events that will deliver large numbers of new visitors to the Island for many years to come.

How you get involved in our campaigns

It’s easy. many people are put off by the complexity of marketing plans, but all you need to know is that these campaigns are all created with the purpose of promoting tourism & hospitality businesses on the Isle of Wight to potential customers who’ve never been here before.

If your tourism business fits in with a particular thematic campaign or wants to reach a specific type of cluster customers, your aim should be to make sure that you are featured in the campaign toolkit we produce ahead of every campaign.

How to appear in a  campaign toolkit: Many tourism businesses ask us “how do we get our business featured in your campaigns, is it expensive?” Firstly, there is no charge, providing you are a WIGHT BID levy payer or a voluntary marketing contributor.

Elements from the campaign toolkits we produce are also sent to journalists, bloggers and other tourist agencies like Visit Britain and Tourism South East. If you feature in a toolkit, there is a very good chance that you’ll appear in newspaper print, or a high profile online news channel like the Huffington post or Daily Mail travel.

Toolkits are also used by VisitWight’s own tourism partners: The ferry operators extract information from the toolkits to put on their websites, emails and newsletters. Train companies feature lists and images from toolkits, and literally hundreds of Island social media channels copy and share stories and offers from the toolkits to the rest of the world.

You need to think far ahead: EG: A campaign to attract more visitors in October will be launched three months before that, and therefore the toolkit is likely to be needed four or five months before the actual holiday period we’re talking about. The good news is that if you subscribe to our industry news and resources email newsletter, you will be automatically reminded when the deadline for a particular campaign comes up.

For more about toolkits, visit the Toolkit Page

Our themes for the year are carefully selected to reflect popular trends, and because they allow us to demonstrate one or more of the unique aspects of visiting the Isle of Wight. They are always flexible enough to feature a very wide range of tourism and hospitality businesses: attractions, accommodation, food and drink within them as well as the natural landscape and our heritage coastline and countryside.

Here’s a very simple checklist for making sure you feature in our campaigns and make the most of your business opportunity with Visit Isle of Wight:

  1. Subscribe to our industry newsletter to receive alerts about upcoming toolkits
  2. Download the Campaign Timetable or phone 01983 521555 extension 21 and ask for a copy of the campaign pack and timetable to be posted to you. Alternatively email that request here:
  3. Consider the themes and cluster campaigns coming up and start to think about how you could fit in. If you require a few examples to inspire you, click on this link!
  4. Contact Visit Isle of Wight to discuss ideas or let us know about a package, product, event or activity that we should feature in the campaign toolkit. You can contact us by email or phone, or you can go to the TOOLKIT SHOUT OUT page, click on the appropriate campaign and complete an online form.