Events Panel (WIGHT BID)

Recruiting for the Events Panel

Update 27th June 2017 – the Events Panel has been formed. There are still vacant seats available if you would like to join the group which meets monthly until May and then bi-monthly until September, then monthly from October onwards once again.

It’s time to create the second of the four working parties of levy payers and voluntary contributors. The purpose of this group is to attract new mainland visitors to the Island for events, festivals and other large gatherings.

  • More visitors to existing events, carnivals & festivals
  • New visitors to new events, carnivals & festivals

We plan to do this by setting aside around £40,000 a year as a development fund and then supporting this via our 9 thematic campaigns and marketing tools across digital, broadcast and media channels. This money will be spent to attract and develop events on the Island. Whilst £40,000 is not a large sum of money, we will attract additional sponsorship to add to what we spend. Our marketing, PR, digital and social networks also support events; promoting them to wider audiences and securing press coverage worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.

On the whole we will spend our money on the mainland marketing aspect of promoting an event. Occasionally the Events panel will consider requests to sponsor or fund elements of an actual event. The panel will also consider what new events need to be introduced, and when.

Ultimately, the purpose of the panel is to increase the number of new mainland visits to events by at least 15,000 per year within 5 years. This is part of an overall annual target for increased visitor numbers. 

Most importantly, we plan to shout loudest about events that will benefit as many of our levy payers and contributors as possible. To do this, events need to be spread around the Island, tied into accommodation, restaurant & attraction promotions and deals. We will do all we can to encourage visitors to one event to explore as much of the Island as possible during their visit, and plan a return trip soon.

For example: A walking festival walk is great, but one that starts at a pub, ends at a restaurant, and includes a visit to a tourism business along the way, is better for more of the Island’s tourism and hospitality economy.

We promote every event and festival on our website, in PR, social media and often within campaign toolkits, but we especially concentrate on events outside July and August in an attempt to increase visitor numbers during shoulder periods.

We look for events that are capable of attracting more than 10,000 visitors a year within a few years, and show good prospects for long term sustainability if we work with them. We also work with a lot of smaller events, many of which are vital to the resorts, attractions and local hospitality businesses across the Island. 

Due to the longer timescales involved in planning and developing events, the 2016/7 budget -which runs up until Sept 17 – has been largely committed. The panel will advise on how the remaining year’s budget should be spent, and start to develop plans for 2018.

Project example: this year we hope to attract more visitors to the carnivals across the Island by introducing a few charter buses that will bring people to the events. Hopefully, by working with Southern Vectis and the Holiday parks, we can arrange to pick up carnival-goers and bring them into the towns. This will be one of the projects that the Events panel will be looking at this spring. 

Panel Membership (application)

Panel membership is open to any events organiser, or person responsible for creating or running events at holiday parks, attractions, open spaces, food and drink outlets, hotels, theatres etc… You must work for either a Wight BID levy payer organisation, or your company must be a voluntary contributor, to stand for the panel.

The group will meet every two months, starting in March 2017. Meetings will take place on the second Wednesday of March, May, July, Sept, Nov, starting at 2.00pm  Meeting venues will move around the Island per meeting.

The March meeting (8th March 2017) is an “open invitation” to anyone who wishes to consider joining the group to attend a typical meeting and decide if it’s something you want to stay committed to for the year.

You can leave the panel at any point, but we hope that you’ll stay with us for the year, perhaps even longer.

To  indicate that you would like to come along to the first meeting, please complete the simple form below and we’ll be in touch.