New climbers for old rope!

Primates at Monkey Haven, the Island’s Primate Rescue centre are getting brand new old rope thanks to a donation from Ryde based recreational tree climbing company Goodleaf Tree Climbing. 

All of Goodleaf’s climbing equipment is regularly checked and items that have reached their use by date are retired. Goodleaf has passed on some retired rope to Monkey Haven for their primates to use. 

Lisa Simpkins, Animal Carer at Monkey Haven said:

‘We are going to have some very happy primates! Our monkeys and gibbons love climbing and swinging on fresh play equipment. Ropes are a great source of enrichment for our primates and we look forward to seeing their excitement when we refurbish their homes.’

Paul McCathie owner of Goodleaf Tree Climbing said:

‘Monkey Haven does a fantastic job; it’s brilliant to know the rope will get a second life after we can no longer use it and we’re not just throwing it away. It’s something that makes us all very happy.’

Kelly Wickes, Manager at Monkey Haven said:

‘Keeping our rescued primates happy and healthy is our key goal. Offering them opportunities to play and be active using ropes like this is a great way to encourage our primates agility. On behalf of the primates I would like to say a huge thank you to Paul and Goodleaf for the rope. Our sanctuary tries to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible and this outdated rope will be put to wonderful use at the Haven.’

Holly Haisel from Monkey Haven and Paul McCathie from Goodleaf Tree Climbing