Visit Isle of Wight encourages visitors to consider the Island ‘from another point of view’

A Visit Isle of Wight video marketing campaign starts today, inviting visitors to consider the Island from another point of view.

The campaign, which begins on Sky today (December 26 2022), will feature an upbeat dance favourite for the first 4 weeks.

‘Point of View’ is a popular track by Italian electronic pop act DB Boulevard which reached number 3 in the UK official singles charts in 2002 and provides the perfect soundtrack to encourage visitors to consider the Isle of Wight from ‘another point of view’.

The advert is expected to be seen nearly 900 000 times over a period of 4 weeks, after which the music will change, and targets families in a geographical band which stretches across England, from Bristol to South London and from north Hampshire to south Buckinghamshire.

Running alongside that will be a targeted mail drop in certain towns in those areas, reaching over 120 thousand homes.

Lou Collins, Marketing Manager at Visit Isle of Wight said:

‘We are thrilled to finally launch our latest Sky AdSmart TV advert. Challenging perceptions of the Island, the video showcases all the wonderful things that make the Isle of Wight so special.

‘See the Island from a different point view of view and ‘Say Yes’ to an adventure like no other in 2023.’

Link to YouTube video: