Island Accessibility Guide for Visitors

Visit Isle of Wight have teamed up with Isle Access – the Island’s accessibility charity – to develop, produce and deliver an on-line visitor guide targeting the accessibility travel sector for the 2023 season and beyond.

National tourism statistics from VisitEngland value the accessibility travel sector at over £15 billion, and as an Island, our desire is to continue to attract and develop that market to visit for day visits, short and longer breaks.

People with accessibility needs are loyal customers. Once they find somewhere that meets their needs, they will be repeat customers.

This guide will highlight the Island businesses that welcome accessible visitors by informing them about the facilities on offer to meet the needs of the visitor. Visit Isle of Wight will promote this guide to the relevant target markets.

For this market, visitors/potential visitors need the confidence to know that their needs will be met and they will feel included in the whole visitor experience.

Therefore, all BID levy payers will be entitled to a free standard  entry in this guide on the completion of a pro-forma document detailing the relevant facilities on offer to visitors with accessibility needs. This document will be available by sending an e-mail to the Isle Access team on The Isle Access team will then coordinate the data collection part of the project, they will also check the details with you to ensure everything is there and may even be able to tease out some further information you never thought was important!

We will also be developing an ‘Island Accessibility’ logo for you to use on your website and social media platforms.

In addition to this, if you are not sure what you can offer, then have a discussion with the Isle Access team, including what facilities you offer, what your website looks like, colours to use and not to use, font sizes etc.

Once you send your e-mail details to the Isle Access team on  they will send you the form to complete. Please send your initial e-mail as soon as possible – and before Wednesday 21st December 2022 – and return your completed “information form” no later than Tuesday 10th January 2023.

So don’t delay, contact the Isle Access team by e-mail today and they will send you the pro-forma document for completion early next week.

Our aim is to be an ‘Accessible Isle’, working across the sector and being recognised as the accessible visitors destination of choice.