First quarterly tourism statistics in for the Isle of Wight since 2019

The eagerly awaited statistics are in for the Isle of Wight’s tourism industry.

The results, which cover the period between April and June 2022, are the findings of the Tourism South East research team on behalf of Visit Isle of Wight and is the first full comparable survey since 2019, which is from where the direct comparisons can only be drawn from.

Overall, the Isle of Wight has seen an overall 2% increase in visitors during Quarter 2 compared to the 2019 results, with 633,155 visitors compared to 623,592 visitors in 2019, using accommodation providers and hospitality venues on the Island.

The visitor spend has increased by 45% over the same period in 2019, with a total of £114 million spent on the Isle of Wight. The average day visitor spend was £33.25 per day compared to £24.30 in 2019, and the average overnight visitor spend per trip was £198.20 per trip, compared to £293.41 per trip in Quarter 2 of 2022.

Visitor profiling has seen nearly double the number of visitors from the London area, reflecting successful marketing campaigns from Visit Isle of Wight which have targeted the UK’s capital city.

Meanwhile there has been an increase in visits to attractions with 50% of visitors going to one or more of the Island’s attractions, up from 46% in 2019.

Unsurprisingly, the number of visitors by coach has fallen dramatically, from 11% in 2019 to just 3% in 2022, reflecting the accelerated national downturn in coach travel since the pandemic began in March 2020.

Take a look at the Quarter 2 dashboard here:

Will Myles, MD at Visit Isle of Wight said:

‘While these figures are encouraging, we know from anecdotal reports that some local businesses are already seeing the bite from the national economic downturn.

‘Visit Isle of Wight is committed to ensuring that the Island and its businesses are forefront in the minds of visitors. Our autumn and winter marketing campaign launches in the next couple of weeks, and we hope that businesses look out for opportunities to join us in marketing the Island with one powerful voice.

‘This September 11th will see the Isle of Wight’s reputation as a cycling mecca recognised nationally and globally, when the Tour of Britain’s exciting final stage takes place here. I urge businesses and residents to get behind the Tour of Britain and take part in the celebrations, which we hope will have an incredible lasting legacy. With TV crews from ITV 4, Eurosport and more, this will be a fantastic opportunity for the Island to really shine and encourage not just cyclists to visit, but their friends and family who will inevitably accompany them on their visit to the Isle of Wight.’

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