Social Media assets for summer

Visit Isle of Wight has produced social media images that you can now download and use on your digital and social media platforms to promote the Island – and your own business – for marketing the Island this summer!

Following the message ‘Where Memories Are Made’, choose between ‘photo frame’ or ‘text on the side’.

Download the ready to use images we have provided, or download the text ‘overlay’ for each message and add your own images – have some fun and create bespoke content for your business.

You can also download this summer video for your use!

Videos explaining how to download each image – and how to add an ‘overlay’ image to a picture of your own business – can be found at the bottom of this page!

OR – right click on the image and select ‘Save As’ – you must add .jpg at the end of the filename otherwise it won’t save as an image!

Where Memories Are Made – photo frame


Where Memories Are Made – the video

How to download images
How to add your own image behind the overlay