New autumn and winter social media graphics from Visit Isle of Wight – download your images

Visit Isle of Wight has produced four separate groups of social media images that you can now download and use on your digital and social media platforms this autmn & winter.

Mix and match between key messages:  ‘EXPLORE‘, ‘DISCOVER‘, ‘ADVENTURE‘ and ‘ESCAPE‘ to promote the Island as a destination and your business to visitors.

RIght click to download the ready to use images we have provided, or download the text ‘overlay’ for each message and add your own images behind it to create bespoke content for your business.

The ‘overlay’ means you can personalise the joined up messaging from Visit Isle of Wight with your own pictures – try it with a plate of food, a bedroom, the exterior of your accommodation, people enjoying your activity – the list is endless!

Videos explaining how to download images and how to use an overlay image are at the bottom of this page!

VIDEO: How to download images

VIDEO: How to make an overlay with your own images