Escape the Everyday at Home – November 2020

To use with #EscapetheEveryday (at home) and tag Visit England.

These images are aimed at reminding local residents what incredible things are on offer here on the Isle of Wight and to support local businesses, while at the same time keeping the Island in the hearts and minds of visitors for when lockdown and a travel ban is lifted.

A suggestion is to use these images, coupled with content from you – example ideas are:

  • Your favourite recipes unique to your business, loved by your family, using local produce etc
  • Gardening – grow your own garlic, tomatoes, chilli etc
  • Connect with nature – make a bird feeder, collect pine cones, sticks and leaves to create Christmas decorations
  • Your visitors favourite Island memories – their most cherished holiday moments, what do they love about the Island, what will they be coming back for
  • Write an Isle of Wight poem and share
  • Share visitors favourite holiday snaps
  • Host a competition for your followers – write a limerick, short story, photo comp
  • Share general facts and trivia about the Island

These are for use until lockdown is lifted in support of a national Visit England campaign.

Here is a link to info on the campaign:

Images – please right click and save these images to your computer for your own use!