Brighstone Primary school children share their tourism expertise!

A primary school project, completed after six months of not being in school, is showing young Islander’s passion for where they live – and it could be the start of a career in tourism!

Pupils aged between 7 and 9 at Brighstone Primary School have been studying the Isle of Wight as part of their geography curriculum, and the school wanted to make sure that the children had visited some notable places on the Island. Many had never visited these locations, enjoying a bus trip  to Ventnor seafront, Yaverland, Puckpool Park and beach, Cowes Parade and Alum Bay, stopping at each places to take in the views and consider why people like to go there.

The school wanted to give them children some first hand experiences to write about and once back in class, they were able to recall what had been seen and apply it to their writing.

The children realised what a lot the Isle of Wight has to offer and how lucky we are to be surrounded by such beauty.

‘The children had great fun exploring the Isle of Wight as part of our Great British Isles topic and made tremendous tourist information centre consultants in our drama activities. They worked hard to produce their writing and edit it, and they all felt very proud of their achievements. We also, are very proud of how well they have done, after six months of not being in school.’

Linzi Denness, year 3/4 teacher at Brighstone Primary School