Eco Hedonistas encouraged to take the environmental route

This is from Wylde Sistas at Vintage Vacations. Their press release is a reaction piece based on research from the HUBUB environmental charity, released 19 February

Hens of the feathered variety only fly for around 10 seconds ….. maybe we should take a tip from them!

A survey carried out by HUBUB environmental charity into people’s flying habits recently highlighted some surprising figures around the amount of flights taken by people each year for hen or stag parties.

Increasingly the culture of lavish getaways, and the ‘you only get married once so why not’ school of thought has contributed to hen and stage parties taking place abroad. The deals offered by budget airlines only add to the attraction of jumping on a plane.

The survey claims that 35% of flights taken by women aged 20-45 in 2019 were for hen parties, shockingly this figure rises to 50% for men (tut tut boys!) . The data around swapping to a UK based break was extremely thought provoking, a swap of location from Las Vegas to Manchester could have the same environmental impact as going vegan for 1.5 years. Newquay over Amsterdam would be the equivalent of giving up driving for 1.5 weeks.

Now of course times have changed and on the whole we are all more conscious of the environment. But how can we translate this awareness into our hen and stag parties without ruining all the fun?

The team at WyldeSistas have been doing just that, creating bespoke packages based on their guests needs. Booking a Hen package through their slick website takes just minutes. With a long history of accommodation providing, the expert team have used their contacts to secure the best deals for your tribe, whether that’s a glamping chicksta, ecohedonistas, or namaste soulsistas, the thoughtfully curated packages make staying in the UK first choice. 

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Cost wise the HUBUB survey found out that an overseas hen trip costs an average of £421 per person compared to £261 for a UK hen or stag do…… Wyldesistas packages save you money too as the average price is £175 including accommodation, ferry travel, experiences and food options!