WightKarting awards star of the week in Junior Track Day programme

this in from WightKarting

Ryde go-kart track, WightKarting, has recently awarded one of it’s attentive Adrenaline Junkie students with its first ever Star of the Week accolade. Poppy, aged 10, has been visiting the track since 2018 from Sydcup in Kent, and was provided with a certificate her very own Driver Club Membership due to the progression that she has shown on the track during this time.

Poppy began her karting journey when visiting the Island on holiday, beginning with a few races with her family and then attending her first Junior Track Day programme in 2018. Poppy has returned to the track on every visit to the Isle of Wight, and has this year been able to complete all five levels and is now eligible to drive the faster style junior karts, continuing to improve her track times upon each session.

Cathy Foulkes, Owner of WightKarting, said:

‘We were delighted to award Poppy with the very first Star of the Week award. Poppy has been karting with us for a year now and since her first session last summer she has shown a great deal of improvement, development and growth within the sport. We can tell Poppy has fallen in love with karting and is eager to learn more and we are keen to help her achieve her dream, to become a profession F1 driver. As a company trying to enhance the reputation of motorsports, we find it very satisfying when we see young talents like Poppy exceeding in a predominantly male dominated sport. We would love to see more girls getting involved and for them to fall in love with the sport as much as Poppy has!

Poppy’s dad, Ian, says:

‘We could really see from the age of 3 Poppy took something special from driving! She’s been visiting the Isle of Wight all her life and had always been dying to go on the track at WightKarting. Finally her 8th birthday came and it’s been impossible to visit our holiday home without spending time with the absolutely amazing staff there. It will be hard to find another track that compares and allows her to race in faster karts like she can at WightKarting near our home. But we are now actually trying to find one that might work, as she is serious about motorsport and we’d love to see her fulfill her dream!

In a commitment to training the young people of the Isle of Wight in motorsport, the team at WightKarting announced the development of the new Adrenaline Junkie Junior Track Day scheme in Easter 2018. Since this time, over 300 youngsters from the Isle of Wight and the surrounding areas have taken part in the Junior Track Days at the track and started the programme, with 70 of them completing all five levels to date. The next Junior Track Days are available during the Christmas holidays, and can be booked online at the website on www.wightkarting.co.uk/race