5 ways to maximise your 2020 marketing via Visit Isle of Wight

Here’s some simple tips that you can do to make the most of your marketing – for FREE!

  1. Make sure your product listing is bang up to date.
    Your product listing is where you tell people all about what you do. You can write words, add photos and video, list your awards, give prices etc.

Use this space to really sell what you do – highlight your friendly welcome, delicious home-made scones, your sustainable travel credentials – whatever it is that you know that visitors love.
Contact jill@visitwight.org if you need extra help with this.

  • List events on www.visitisleofwight.co.uk for free.
    Any event you list benefits you in a number of ways:
    – it’s highlighted on your product listing
    – it’s made available to thousands of people looking for things to do on the Island
    – we use the events listing to write our monthly ‘What’s On’ blog (you get a free listing back to your event).
    – The ‘What’s On’ blog gets turned into an Instagram story which is then saved to our highlights
    In short, adding an event will support everything you are doing and bring your business to the attention of visitors.

  • Tell us about your news stories.
    News can be anything – an upgrade for your rooms, a new chef, a celebrity visitor, a hot tub installation – we want to hear about it. We will keep it on file and use it where we can. It might not be immediate, but if we don’t know about it, we can’t tell more people about it.
    Please send words and a good quality photo to sue@visitwight.org.
  • Tell us in advance
    Make sure you list your events, update your product information and send us your news stories IN ADVANCE. We work months in advance. In the middle of the summer season, we already know what we’re going to be talking about the following year. We cannot help you unless you give us the information as soon as you have it.
  • Read our weekly industry newsletter
    This goes out every Friday afternoon. We use it to share information, research, marketing support and news. It varies every week, so it’s an excellent idea to open and read it each week to make sure you’re not missing something.
    We use the newsletter to let you know about the ways you can participate in our campaigns; it might not have something relevant to your business every week, but there will be something at some point!