Waste collection – are there other options?

This blog has been sent to Visit Wight Pro by an independent waste collection consultant.

“Many small bed and breakfasts or self caterers will have recently received a letter from the council about their rubbish, with many recipients being worried about the implications.

The council’s waste team said their intention was not to force people to take their (very expensive) trade waste collection service. Their aim was to stop abuse of the household waste and recycling service by large businesses. Most large accommodation providers (who pay business rates) should already have a dedicated trade waste collection service. Unfortunately there are some unscrupulous businesses who don’t pay for their waste to be collected and end up costing the council thousands of pounds by abusing the kerbside service. It was these businesses that were the real target of the council letter.

If you’re a small B&B who hasn’t needed to apply for change of use to a commercial property, spending a fortune on waste disposal will seem crazy when you have probably been using the council’s regular household collection, and hopefully recycling as much as you can. HOWEVER, anyone who works from home (be it B&B or running a small office in a spare room) has a legal responsibility to make sure that any waste generated by that business is disposed of properly and legally AND that they can prove it. This will be in the form of a waste transfer note (WTN).

The most expensive option is to pay for a separate trade waste collection. The council’s annual £520 charge may seem expensive for many people and there are other companies who will offer a collection, but this may also be costly. Any commercial waste collection company will provide you with a WTN for the rubbish they collect.

The cheapest option will be to dispose of the waste yourself. You can take your waste to the commercial waste and recycling centre at Lynnbottom (https://www.iow.gov.uk/Residents/Environment-Planning-and-Waste/Waste-and-Recycling/Recycling-Centres/Commercial-Waste-and-Recycling-Centre-Lynnbottom) and pay the appropriate amount for disposal. The more you can separate for recycling the cheaper it will be. Once you’ve dropped off your business waste at Lynnbottom you will be given a WTN. HOWEVER, taking your own rubbish to the tip, is not quite the same as taking your business waste (even though it’s generated in pretty much the same way). Just as anyone transporting trade waste (even if it’s your own) you will need to register with the government as a registered waste carrier. It should be free to do if you’re only taking your own waste (https://www.gov.uk/waste-carrier-or-broker-registration).

Once you have a WTN you can send it to waste.contract@iow.gov.uk which should satisfy the council that you are complying with the rules and they will continue to collect the household waste bins as normal.

Hopefully this has reassured people that they won’t be facing huge bills nor should they be losing their regular kerbside collections for household waste.”

If you would like to speak with an independent waste consultant, please email simonc@visitwight.org