Could your business take part in a free energy management trial?

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Your business should take part in a free energy management trial – here’s why

Gas and electricity can represent significant costs for a small business. Research suggests that because smaller businesses tend to be less engaged with the energy market than larger firms, they can end up overpaying for utilities (Ofgem, Micro and Small Business Engagement Survey 2018)

Energy is seen as a necessary overhead, bills can be confusing, and there is a perception that not much can be done to lower usage, even if staff had the time to focus on managing energy.

But what if a small business could reverse this trend by using new technology to gain simple insight into their energy usage, in turn encouraging behaviour change among staff to help cut waste, save money, and fight climate change?

Energy used in catering accounts for between 4 and 6% of operating profits. Saving energy can directly increase revenue and profitability without the need to increase sales.

Taking a smart approach to energy management

Smart meters do just that. They are the new generation of electricity and gas meters being installed by energy suppliers in small businesses across Great Britain. They provide automatic reads and bring an end to estimated billing. They offer businesses much greater visibility of their energy usage in near real-time, helping them to reduce consumption, save on bills, and demonstrate to customers they are cutting their carbon footprint.

Smart meters also provide the essential building blocks for the upgrade of Great Britain’s energy grid, helping to pave the way for a low-carbon future and support new technologies like electric cars.

Keen to start saving? Take part in a free trial and see how you can benefit

To help small businesses take control of their energy usage, UK Government is funding the development of innovative energy management tools for the retail and hospitality sectors that aim to engage and empower staff to make the most of the energy data their smart meters provide.

The programme, which is being delivered by the Carbon Trust, includes four tech firms building intuitive, easy-to-use tools like mobile apps that provide actionable insight to help shops, restaurants, pubs and hotels cut waste and save money.

The innovators are on the lookout for a range of small businesses – from single sites, to small chains – to take part in a free trial of their tools. You don’t even need to have had your smart meter installed yet.

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Don’t miss out!

This is your chance to benefit from tailored insight into how your business can be more energy efficient and could provide the key to effectively engaging staff with cutting out waste. What have you got to lose?To find out more about what’s involved, contact or visit the Carbon Trust

Smart meters are being rolled out by energy suppliers across Great Britain. Get in touch with your supplier today to see if your business is eligible.