Nominations open for Visit Isle of Wight Board Director posts

The Visit Isle of Wight Board of Directors consists of Wight BID levy payers, transport providers, the MD of Visit Isle of Wight and the independent chair of the organisation. 

As a result of two Directors changing their status within their organisations, these 2 Directors have resigned their positions. Therefore the search is on for two NEW Board Directors who are Wight BID levy payers to be voted on to the Board.

We need people who are committed to making a difference to the Island’s economy and visitors, and would be prepared to attend the Board meetings to help form the strategic approach to the promotion of tourism of our Island.

You may nominate only yourself or another Wight BID levy payer (with their agreement).

You must fill in your Wight BID reference number. 
Nominations must be in by 12.00pm Monday 5 August 2019

To nominate, please go to