Isle of Wight recognised for top quality produce!

this in from The Tomato Stall

In their quest to ensure the best provenance for its snack flavours, Pipers has found a new hidden gem for one its most popular flavours of crisps.

The Tomato Stall are delighted to confirm that from late May 2019, the tomatoes for Pipers Tomato flavoured crisps will be sourced from the rich and fertile Arreton Valley in the Isle of Wight.

Pipers choses the best of these for their sharp and rich finish to give Pipers Tomato crisps their unique character and bold flavour. These will now be called Pipers Arreton Tomato Crisps.

Pipers Marketing Manager Katy Hamblin takes up the story.

‘Pipers is, and always has been, incredibly proud of the quality, consistency and provenance of our flavour ingredients. So much so, we tell the story behind our flavours on the back of every pack of crisps we sell. We’re constantly on the look-out for flavours with provenance and we think Arreton tomatoes is an absolute hidden gem. Our Pipers Arreton Tomato crisps have been matched to the existing flavour, but in taste tests most people think they taste even better than they did before.’

Pipers Arreton Tomato Crisps are vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free, and available in 40g packs and 150g sharing bags. The new packs, featuring a minor colour change and name change, are available from late May 2019.