Isle of Wight’s top visitor website becomes even more accessible to all

The Island’s top visitor website has become even more accessible to all following a simple – but important – change.

The way that words appear website will look different, as Visit Isle of Wight changes it’s font from ‘Bitter’ to the more well known Arial.

The change may seem small and insignificant, but it’s implication is far reaching, particularly to those visiting the website with reading issues.

The change of font to Arial will mean that those with sight impairments or dyslexia will be able to read the text more clearly and navigate the popular site more easily.

Arial is often quoted as the preferred text for those with reading difficulties, and Visit Isle of Wight is pleased to be able to update their website to ensure we are open to all.

Jill Harlow, web manager at Visit Isle of Wight said:

‘We aim to be inclusive for all our visitors and this is something we’ve been looking at for some time. We hope you enjoy this subtle, but important change to the site!’

It also has a technical benefit, as the new font will make sizing on different devices such as PC, laptop, tablet or mobile more fluid and help maintain the correct design of the website.

The change of font is just one of many things Visit Isle of Wight will be addressing over the coming months, in a bid to make the holiday experience more inclusive for all.