Isle of Wight Walking Festival

The Isle of Wight Walking Festival gets the key to the door in 2019 and celebrates 21 years of bringing walkers to the Island.

*closing date to register your walks extended to the 4th December*

A key boost to the pre-summer season, the Isle of Wight Walking Festival sponsored by Warner Leisure Hotels is built upon the shoulders of volunteers who love to share their favourite walks with visitors.


Be a Walk Leader

We’d love to hear from you if you – or someone you know – would be keen to join in and share their love of the Isle of Wight by leading a walk. Click here to fill out the form. 

Hints and tips for filling in the form

  • To make life simple for walkers, please ensure that your walk start time reflects local bus times where possible – there’s nothing more frustrating than having to hang around for 40 minutes because the bus arrival time and walk departure times don’t match.
  • Please check your junk mail in-case our emails go into it – we are likely to email you as opposed to call you. Emails will come from
  • All walk leaders must have (and use) email and mobile phones – we just don’t have the resources to manage posting out forms and paperwork.
  • Re: insurance, Visit Isle of Wight will cover all non-fee paying walks. Our insurance company has said:

“If the walk leaders are charging for the walk then they would need to have their own insurance, the only exception is if the payment is just a donation to a local charity.

There is definitely no cover for caving or the other activity, other than walking.”

  • If your walk is a paid for walk (as opposed to free or donation ones) please make this clear on the form. We are happy to list the walk for you and will send any online registrations to you via email, but as the walk leader you must be responsible for communicating with walkers directly.
  • Victoria and Albert 200. It would have been Queen Victoria’s birthday on the 24th May 2019 – we’re keen to encourage ‘Victorian’ themed walks. These don’t necessarily have to relate to Osborne and East Cowes, but can feature Victorian architecture or Victorian Ventnor etc. There will be events surrounding the joint 200th birthdays of Victoria and Albert throughout the year.
  • Please send us your walks by 4th December at the very latest – we would like to have all the walks loaded and the website ready before Christmas so we can start marketing straight away.
  • If you struggle with completing the form, help is available – please email Tash on

Final reminder:

To be a walk leader, please upload and enter your walks using this online form here.