Last call for your FREE Southern Vectis Key Card!

The Visit Isle of Wight Travel Ambassadors are offering a small number of lucky accommodation providers the chance to give their customers free bus travel.

The hugely successful Southern Vectis Key Card scheme aims to convert individual car journeys into bus trips to show visitors just how easy it is to travel around the island without their own four wheels. The key cards are free of charge and will be pre-loaded with 30 days of non-consecutive island bus travel.*

Recently two of the Island’s bus routes routes were named in the top six bus routes in the UK, so with just 10 Key Cards left, get in touch now!

We’ll be asking you to carefully select those of your customers who have brought their own car to the island so that we make the biggest impact in travel behaviour change. We’ll also provide you with surveys that ask users to tell us about their journey, and request that you aim to offer the cards out to different parties in order to spread the campaign further.

We already have lots of key cards in circulation and we’re receiving fantastic feedback. If you’d like to find out more, please email for more information. We have a very limited number of key cards available but we will try to provide you with a suitable quantity based on the size of your establishment.

30 days of non consecutive travel means that the credit of journeys stored on the cards don’t need to be used every day for a month, it is any 30 days within a two year period.