German Film Crew Lifts the Lid on Victoria’s Royal Isle

German film crew lifts the lid on Victoria’s Royal Isle

A film crew from Germany have been visiting the Isle of Wight.

The television production companies Neue Artfilm GmbH and Berlin Producers Media GmbH are making an hour long programme about the Isle of Wight as part of the second season of the documentary series ‘The Isles of the Queen’.

The series is expected to be watched by up to 20 million people across Europe, bringing valuable publicity for the Island.

Marvin Entholt, director of Berlin producers, said:

“German audiences are always fascinated by Royal stories so we try to pick up on anything that relates to the Royal heritage of the Island, but also to show a vivid image of people living and doing things that are typical of the Island.

Marvin continued:

I’m feeling very welcome on the Island and I appreciate the great support of all the people – and I’ve met a lot of fascinating lovely people.”

The series shows the life of the Island through local people, in particular people with inspirational stories to tell, including Osborne, Island ecological consultancy ArtEcology, and the Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary.

Carol Foot, Business Manager at the Donkey Sanctuary explained the importance of the exposure the German film crew would bring:

“It means, potentially, more visitors. More visitors means more donations and more donations means we can keep up the work we’re doing here. We have to raise every year about £550 000 to maintain the level of care that these animals deserve and need.”

Marvin was grateful for the support of Visit Isle of Wight and in particular PR officer Sue Emmerson:

“It is essential for us to have a point of contact that helps us to get in touch with the right people on the Island. I am more than happy having found great support in Sue from Visit Isle Of Wight. Whatever we were looking for, she immediately came up with an idea and made the right contacts. Without her it would have been far more difficult to set up a production that really represents the Island’s character.”

Sue Emmerson, Visit Isle of Wight Press Officer, said:

“Visit Isle of Wight can provide location, accommodation and liaison assistance to film and TV production companies. Marvin’s team first contacted us in June and we were delighted to help them with their various filming requirements. It all helps us to showcase the Island’s natural and cultural assets, influence travel decisions and drive economic growth.”

In August last year, Visit Isle of Wight unveiled its new ‘Victoria’s Island’ trail, featuring 50 significant locations across the Island with connections to Queen Victoria.

The trail was launched to coincide with the Victoria and Abdul movie, and generated press coverage in the Times, the Sun, The Telegraph, The Mirror, The Daily Star, specialist publications like Coast Magazine, in Press Association blogs and regional newspapers – in total over £1M pound worth of media coverage for the Island.   For more information about the trail, go to