“Great British Business’ Recognition for Blackgang Chine

This in from Vectis Ventures:

Blackgang Chine, Britain’s oldest and most imaginative theme park has been selected for the Telegraph’s ‘Great British Business Campaign’ and recognised as one of the country’s most exciting growing businesses.

The ‘Great British Business Campaign’, organised by the Telegraph Media Group, celebrates small and medium enterprises from around the UK, who make up 99% of the 5.5m businesses in the UK. The campaign aims to showcase UK economic success stories and the diversity of ‘brand Britain’.

Alexander Dabell – current owner and a fifth-generation descendant of the park’s founder, with whom he shares his name – says the park is: “The Land of Imagination” and imagination is as relevant today as it was in 1843.

“Blackgang Chine is a facilitator of people’s creativity, and a place that allows you to let your imagination run wild. We recognise that much of our appeal is that we have preserved our history whilst changing with the times. Our challenge is to maintain the tradition of the park, to conserve what people love about it but to keep making improvements and looking to the future.

Alexander Dabell continued:

For 175 years Blackgang has created an environment in which visitors of all ages can create family memories and explore within our Lands of Imagination, from pirate ships and cowboy town to walking with dinosaurs.”

Find out how Blackgang Chine has been inspiring the imagination of children of all ages here: