Island Con moves forward with new announcements

After the news that Sean Astin, Shannon Elizabeth, Jason Mewes and many other high profile additions were heading to Island Con, we have yet another announcement – but we also turn our attention to those locally, who make the event possible.

Island Con is proud to support local talent and businesses, and we are thrilled to announce the following.

Alex Watts returns as host for Island Con!

Isle of Wight based comedian and internationally wandering YouTube producer returns to Island Con after a year spent on several projects.

Alex has so far spent 2018 producing a documentary about the philosophy behind the religion of Jediism, hosting panels at VidCon in California, speaking at several YouTube events and performing a speaking tour with his long-time collaborator Daniel Jones as they talk comedy, ADHD, Autism and music.

Alex said:

“I’ve always sought to marry my love of pop culture to my comedy performances. Being part of Island Con allows me to do just that.

“The team and ethos of inclusion, entertainment and quality production is vital to this island and I’m proud to be a local touchstone in a show with so much global draw.”


Island artist, Tony Trowbridge will be exhibiting at Island Con 2018!

Urban street artist Tony Trowbridge is Not Dead Yet, and is back at Island Con for a second year with his original pen and inks and prints.

This year, zine fans are in for a treat with an exclusive show preview of the indie zine ‘The Bug Collector’, illustrated by Tony. The Bug Collector features Tania Wu, a pathologist by day and an entomologist by night who finds herself caught between the Goddess of Chaos and the Insect King who both want to use her for their nefarious means.

An excited Tony said:

“As an Isle of Wight resident I was pleased to see the arrival of comic con last year and delighted it was such a success that it’s returned this year – it’s a great idea and a much needed boost to island morale.

“We all need an outlet to share and display our superhero creativity.”


Isle of Wight traders at Island Con!

Island Con also includes many Isle of Wight traders, who make the event possible through their support. Fantastic Store (Ryde), Heroes (Newport), Master of Disguise (Newport), Who One (Ryde), will all be at Island Con this year.

Ben E. Belton, event organiser said:

“Alex was a massive hit last year and we were always going to bring him back. He has a fantastic way with both the attendees and the audience, so we are extremely delighted he agreed to join us at Cowes Enterprise College in October.

“And another who is back again is Tony Trowbridge, Not Dead Yet! His artwork is incredible, and we are so happy he will be at Island Con again this year, make sure you buy some of his work, it’s brilliant.”

Ben continued:

“We are so proud to be able to host this event on the Island, and are humbled by the fantastic support from local businesses. So many have offered support, it’s only right we give something back in return by focusing on the great things the island offers.

“The support from them all – including Fantastic Store, CEX, Red Funnel and Visit Isle of Wight, it’s invaluable to us, it means a lot.”

 Sophie Mardle, who runs Fantastic Store, Ryde, with her dad, Dennis, said:

“The Fantastic Store team are super excited to be part of what is fast becoming one of the UK’s hottest must attend events!  

“The combination of the island’s unique atmosphere, together with the passion and enthusiasm of Ben and his crew, makes for one hell of a convention! With the pop culture industry showing no sign of slowing down, we are thrilled to work as part of a team to keep it thriving right here on the Island.”

And finally… The Crow star Rochelle Davis to appear at Island Con!

Rochelle made her name as Sarah, the young misfit taken in by Eric Draven and his girlfriend in the Crow, and will be joining her co-star Bai Ling (announced recently) at Island Con this October.

It was Rochelle’s first ever acting credit, and her last until she appeared in Hell House (2009). Rochelle’s appearance gives fans of The Crow the chance to meet two stars from the film, Rochelle (Sarah) and Bai Ling (Myca)