Council grant has electrifying results

Council grant has electrifying results

A new electric bike hire service is about to launch from a Freshwater Bay business.

The Bay Boutique Bed and Breakfast secured grant funding from Isle of Wight Council last autumn to support a new initiative aiming to attract active travellers to explore the beauty of West Wight.

Funding from the council’s Active Travel Innovation Grant (1) has enabled a pair of electric bikes (known as e-bikes) to be made available to Freshwater Bay visitors for the 2018 season.

Paul Mocroft is owner of The Bay Boutique Bed and Breakfast. He said: “This is an exciting undertaking for us. The new e-bikes will be available for guests to discover the Island at their own pace. The advantage of e-bikes is that you don’t have to be an expert cyclist or super fit to have a go. Knowing you’ve got an electric motor to boost your journey gives you the confidence to go further and tackle those hills with ease!”

The Bay Boutique Bed and Breakfast operates as an environmentally sustainable business (2) and these new bikes will be charged by solar panels, making them an even greener form of transport.

The e-bikes will also be available to hire by any Freshwater Bay visitors whether self-catering or staying in other bed and breakfasts and a partnership with Wight Cycle Hire will ensure larger groups can have access to e-bikes too.

Cllr Wayne Whittle, Isle of Wight Council Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Business Development: said: “We’re proud to support Paul and The Bay in this venture. It helps to meet the council’s objectives of growing the visitor economy and making active travel a normal part of holidaymakers plans. Encouraging more people to explore the Island by sustainable means, boost local businesses and keeps traffic off our roads.”

As part of the grant, The Bay staff have put together suggested walk and cycle routes to inspire and motivate guests and support their West Wight adventure.

Paul adds: “We know what a beautiful part of the world we live in and are keen to share it with others. The Isle of Wight should be recognised as the UK’s premier tourist destination for active travellers and we want to play our part in opening up that experience to more people.”

The new e-bike service launched at a special event at The Bay Boutique Bed and Breakfast at 10am on 23rd March.