Facebook Is Changing (again!) – how will this affect your Isle of Wight business page on Facebook?

Facebook is changing (again!) and your Isle of Wight business page on Facebook could be affected.

Your business on Facebook is a presence to over 2 billion people worldwide and provides a showcase of what you have to offer.

Now, Facebook is changing the way that it works again – by altering the algorithm (the things that make your posts more noticeable to others).

We’ve put together a handy guide to show you the best way to make the best of Facebook going forward…

Facebook wants you to interact and engage with your audience: Facebook_logo_thumbs_up_like_transparent

  • Find topics that you think will be most valuable to your customers
  • Can’t think of one? Ask you followers what they want to see!
  • Posts that receive comments will have a greater chance of being shown in peoples newsfeed and will now have more of an impact than reactions and shares – the greater the interaction between people the better.
  • Reply to those comments – yes it takes time, but it will be time worth spending – even if you simply want to say thank you, don’t just press the ‘Like’ button – actually write ‘Thanks!” and keep the conversation going.
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Scratching your head, thinking about what to write? Here are some tips:

  • It can be inspirational (be that guest that walks the Tennyson Downs, gets on a stand up paddle board, finds your secret view)
  • Educational – find something that your audience might not know about your area, your business, the history of where you are.
  • Spark a fond memory – do you remember when this happened? Or taken a ride on a steam train? Have you been crabbing since you were a small child?
  • Take a look at what others are posting and share it on your page (as long as it fits with your business!)
  • Make a note of which of your posts are getting the most comments – and try posting similar themes more often.

Take care over what you post: images (2)

  • Facebook has decided it doesn’t like people going to other websites – makes sense really, that’s how internet companies work! Don’t post things that take people outside of Facebook e.g. YouTube videos, your own external website
  • In the past, it has been commonplace to demand a reaction from followers – perhaps you’ve seen the ‘like this’ or ‘share this to win a prize’ or ‘comment to find out more’? Facebook will now have a more favourable reaction to a page that encourages a reaction in a more subtle way.

Go Live!

  • Go one step further – are you brave enough to use Facebook Live? Simply click on Facebook live and use the camera to record whatever is going on… may we suggest a little bit of planning and forethought goes into what you are going to say, or what the viewer will see!


Ask a little favour from your followers!

  • Ask your fans to select the ‘See First’ option on your page (users can do this for up to 30 pages). This will ensure that they see all of your posts – after all, they chose to follow your page because they like what they see!
  • You can say something like – “To ensure that Facebook continues to show you our posts make sure you select ‘Following’ at the top of our page and then select ‘See First”
  • You could also include a screenshot to demonstrate how to do this or feel free to use our examples…

Desktop view

facebook visit of wight desktop

Mobile view

facebook mobile visit isle of wight

‘Boost’ posts and use Facebook Advertising:

  • Paying for advertising is a sure way to get your posts noticed and you don’t need a big budget to do this
  • Invest a little of your marketing budget to ‘boost’ your best performing posts (that ones that have received the most engagement) – as a suggestion, try doing this at least once a week to your existing followers or use the ‘interest’ based targeting option to target people that are interested in holidays on the Isle of Wight.
  • Oh, and by the way, you can include links within a paid advertising post so this would be great opportunity to drive traffic to your website

Show Facebook that you’re willing to pay, and your page will gain a greater chance of being noticed!

Finally, keep an eye on what’s working for you – a post a day/week/month – what’s best?

Do you have any other suggestions? Let us know about them!

Rachel Street manages Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (links to our consumer platforms) for Visit Isle of Wight and put together these handy tips. You can contact Rachel at http://isleengage.com/