NFU Mutual and Visit Isle of Wight Announce Partnership

Visit Isle of Wight is proud to announce a new partnership with NFU Mutual to help improve tourism on the Isle of Wight and local businesses thrive and prosper.

NFU Mutual, the UK’s leading rural insurance firm that provides personal, business and farming insurance to local Islanders, is sponsoring Visit Isle of Wight’s industry website and communication activities, to ensure that tourism businesses on the Island receive notification of opportunities to grow their business through tourism activities, and to improve the press office activities on the mainland, with special emphasis on securing more national media coverage for Wight BID levy payers.

NFU Mutual will also provide advice and expertise to local businesses, with its exceptional knowledge on a wide range of industries and tourism, with the aim to help start-ups prosper and well-established companies thrive.

Simon Dabell, Chairman and director for Visit Isle of Wight, said:

“We are delighted that NFU Mutual has partnered with us to pursue a common goal in improving tourism and securing a strong future for the Isle of Wight. We are committed to promoting the Island as a unique and vibrant destination for all kinds of people, businesses and educational institutions and NFU Mutual’s contribution to helping us promote this further and wider is invaluable to the Island’s future.”

Darren Seward, hospitality, food and drink specialist at NFU Mutual, said:

“As a local boy who grew up in Cowes, I’m personally very excited to be working with Visit Isle of Wight. NFU Mutual prides itself on its local roots, working with businesses including The Garlic Farm and The Royal Hotel in Ventnor, and we truly believe the Island is a perfect destination for multiple purposes.

“Our aim is to use our hospitality expertise to promote the Island to tourists and support local businesses through one-to-one advice, the sharing of expertise and thought leadership articles, forums and events. We share Visit Isle of Wight’s passion for a sustainable future for the Isle of Wight and are very much looking forward to working with the team to secure this.”

In 2018 NFU Mutual celebrates 100 years on the Isle of Wight, specialising in industries including farming, agriculture, hospitality and food and drink. The insurance company supports local producers on the Island and is very active with local charities, including recent work with Naturezones Wildlife Education Trust which runs a small nature reserve at Blackwater.

Sue Emmerson, press officer for Visit Isle of Wight explains:

“The partnership support from NFU Mutual has been invested in an additional press agency operating on the mainland since late last year, and improvements to our industry newsletters and partnership website This website provides additional resources, information and opportunities for tourism businesses on the Isle of Wight to make the most of the Wight BID and the marketing and press activities carried out by Visit Isle of Wight. We’ve already seen a significant increase in the value of media coverage about the Island in mainland and overseas press, which is very good news.”

image shows Simon Dabell, Visit Isle of Wight and John Heather, senior agent at NFU Mutual, Isle of Wight