Destination Walking Cycling

The Isle of Wight is the perfect Destination for Walking and Cycling. Here’s what we can offer:



Marketing the Isle of Wight to new, novice and/or lapsed cyclists/walkers and identifying and then inspiring, new, novice and/or lapsed cyclist/walkers who are already visiting the Island to consider walking and cycling. We have secured PR coverage nationwide to promote walking and cycling, We attend the Outdoor Show each year and are producing specific walking and cycling publications as well as targeting marketing.

Delivery of experiences

Inspiring and/or incentivising new, novice and/or lapsed cyclists/walkers to participate in active travel experience while on the Island e.g. cycle hire, a cycling event, guided walk etc. We have updated the content on the consumer website to make it easier to get inspired


Bicycle Island Research

Incentivising new, novice and/or lapsed cyclists/walkers to participate in a programme of ongoing research, designed to monitor how their Isle of Wight cycling experience has influenced their propensity to cycle more often when back home. Partnerships with local authorities in the participants’ locality (ideally those delivering Access Fund programmes) will be established to continue to deliver cycling interventions to the participant once back home.

Click here for the latest IOW Bicycle Island Survey Partner report