New UK Group Travel Operators Guide for the Isle of Wight Launched

Visit Isle of Wight have teamed up with a leading group tour operator publication to showcase the Island over the coming years.

The Visit Isle of Wight sponsored ‘The Isle of Wight – A Guide For Groups’ is now in the hands of every one of the approximately 3000 UK coach operators who run a tour programme

Another 3000 hand-picked group travel organisers who include overnights in their annual trips – meaning they all have the capacity to travel to the Island – have also been sent the brochure.

The message to operators is that the Isle of Wight is open for business and Visit Isle of Wight expect to see a take up in the coming years, with businesses setting their programmed tours months in advance.

The publication – which features a foreword from Visit Isle of Wight Chief Executive David Thornton – focuses on the many different elements of the Isle of Wight; it’s many festivals, to beaches, seaside towns and rural retreats, and showcasing some of the many places to stay right here on the Island – providing inspiration and information to assist tour groups when planning to market their next trips.

Hugh Cairns, group travel specialist and Publishing Director of ‘The Isle of Wight – A Guide for Groups’ says:

“Coach Tourism contributes over £2.3 billion to the economy. Interestingly, research shows that once you’re a coach traveller you’re hooked to stay a coach traveller – 92 per cent of existing coach travellers say they will continue to book coach tours over the next five years. Even people who have never been on a coach tour are keen to do so – from a poll of 5,870 – 43 per cent of all ages said they were likely to consider booking a coach holiday in the next 5 years. Great news for the Island!

“With three dedicated carriers, the Island is accessible and once there, is eminently manageable. With nearly half of the Island designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, many award winning beaches and a royal heritage, the Island has plenty to offer groups.”

Hugh said that reaching out to this market would reap rewards:

“It shows VIOW’s commitment and understanding of the groups market; i.e. one worth the aforementioned £2.3 billion and one, which once customers is “hooked”, they remain fiercely loyal, will make repeat trips and will come to the Island throughout the year, helping to fill bed spaces and spend money in the local economy once the summer crowds have long gone.”



Image (l-r) David Thornton (CEO Visit Isle of Wight), Jill Harlow (Head of Production Visit Isle of Wight), Sue Emmerson (Press Officer Visit Isle of Wight)