Is the Isle of Wight home to the Coastal Fish Restaurant of the Year?

Exciting news – do you think the Isle of Wight is home to the Coastal Fish Restaurant of the Year?

Nominations are being sought for the award – just one of the categories in a competition run by Fishing News.

We know that the Isle of Wight is rightly proud of it’s fish restaurants, supplied by our local fishing community who work tirelessly to bring in the local catch of the day. Menus change daily to accommodate the haul the fisherman bring in, and chefs become ever more creative and adventurous in using the produce the seas provide.

The award – sponsored this year by Coast Magazine – recognises UK or Irish coastal fish restaurants that have shown outstanding support for the commercial fishing industry in their local area in 2017. Nominees will demonstrate a focus on locally-landed fish and a menu that incorporates a good range of species, encouraging diners to experience some varieties that are more commonly exported, and others which deserve to be more popular.

 You can enter on behalf of a friend, colleague or organisation. Self-nomination is also allowed.  Here’s the link

 All nominations must be received by midnight on Tuesday, 13th February, 2018 – so get nominating!