Cruising to Cowes – it could become a reality but what would it mean to you?

Recent press coverage from On The Wight and Isle of Wight Radio has talked about the possibility of cruise ships coming to Cowes.

Visit Isle of Wight has been working with Destination Cowes and Cowes Harbour Commission to promote the town as unique destination port of call for some time, encouraged by the rising demand in the cruise ship market, including growth in the Northern European luxury cruise market.

Cowes town will feel the impact. For many ports around the world, the economic benefits of a cruise ship stopping by are very tangible.

It won’t just be Cowes that would be the sole recipient of these benefits. It’s a fantastic opportunity to market the Isle of Wight to those who are popping off the boat. Picturesque villages and towns, beaches, forests, walk, attractions… and all within easy reach of the traveller, using a comprehensive network of bus routes, cycle routes, taxis, or even a walk!

If you want more information, get in touch with Cowes Harbour Commission – details on how to contact them are here,

image courtesy of Cowes Harbour Commission