Beer and Buses 2017 – how can you benefit from 1000’s of new visitors in October?

The Isle of Wight’s Beer and Buses weekend is now in it’s 4th year – and from humble beginnings, it has seen year on year growth.

Last year, over 9,000 people took approximately 70 buses to destinations around the Island – and it’s estimated that this year, that over 100 buses will be moving more than 11,000 people across the weekend of 14/15 October.

Importantly, research by the group that organise Beer and Buses, shows that an incredible 45% of those taking part were visitors to the Island!

This is clearly a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of an increase in visitor attendance during the off peak ‘shoulder’ season.

ryde night lit bus

Paul Sheldon, one of the organising committee, says he knows that people are visiting the Island for longer than just the two days of Beer and Buses:

“They’re coming now for the week, usually Wednesday to Wednesday or finish it off for the week, but they’re coming for the full week. They’re not coming, like recently for the two or three days, they’ve now got people for a week realising how good and how beautiful this Island is.”

Paul says local businesses are encouraged to get involved:

“It’s the end of the season, we can encourage the hotels, all businesses, what we are doing is showcasing the Isle of Wight, what we have to offer and it’s win-win for everybody. Local businesses can get involved as well, everybody wins and the Island wins, and tourism wins and businesses wins. It’s important to remember that this [Beer and Buses] is the biggest event in England and no-one else does it and that’s quite a kudos for the Isle of Wight.”

Hoteliers are reporting they are already booking up for this specific event and local pubs are looking at different ways to ensure that their venue stands out from the crowd – including live music, Morris dancers, vintage car displays, special offers – anything you can think of to attract customers.

Organisers say that it is up to local businesses to make the most of the opportunity. A programme is produced and is for sale for £6 at venues across the Island (including Visit Isle of Wight Tourist Information Centres), which will be open to advertisers for next years event.


Paul Sheldon adds:

“The attraction is, what we offer is something no one else in England can do, which is fantastic scenery, fantastic venues, fantastic pubs – from the Military Museum, to the Boat Museum to steam rides, so we’ve got plenty for everybody.”

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