Press Office Update (April 2017)

The Visit Isle of Wight press team continues to secure coverage for the Island’s holiday attractions, accommodation providers and its resorts, towns and villages.

So far this year, we have hosted journalists from The Guardian, The Sunday Times,
Landlove magazine as well as several travel bloggers including Globalmouse and manaboutadogblog. Those heading our way are Camping magazine, the Bristol Post the Birmingham Mail and several other high-profile travel bloggers and international travel writers.

While some writers travel on their own because they have a definite assignment from a news media outlet, many contact us for information about where to stay, where to visit and to find out ‘what’s new’ about a location.

Daily Mail

Press trips or familiarization tours can only be successful with the participation and cooperation of local tourism operators. For example, a hotel might offer a free room but if they get mentioned in the article, the advertising equivalency value of the article will usually far exceed the value of the complimentary room, making it a great return on investment.

If you are interested in participating in fam tours, please contact Your interest could include anything from offering a complimentary overnight stay to a gift of a locally-made product. The broader the inventory of experiences we have offer or “sell”, the more attractive it is to the media. Furthermore, if you have new tourism product or a new experience to offer, please let Sue know.

Here’s a selection of some of the coverage we have secured for the Island in the past few months:

masil2The Daily Telegraph travel section ran a round-up of “20 of the world’s greatest islands to explore on foot”. It featured (for example) Crete, Corsica, Sicily, Madeira, Dominica, Vancouver Island, Hong Kong, and the Isle of Wight (the ONLY UK Island mentioned).

Daily Telegraph included IsleWalk17 in the round-up of “Great British Hiking Festivals for 2017”

Daily Mail: “Pick a Peach of a Beach”. One of only two UK beaches in a round-up of 8 around the world, plus main image.

Family Traveller – the Island has been included in a round-up “Forget the Caribbean – Discover 11 spellbinding islands in the UK”. The Island is No. 4.

The Sun’s “Top 5 Spring Breaks”:

Sainsbury’s magazine – Get Garden Inspiration

The Mirror – (No.1) in a round-up in the Sunday Mirror (and one of the images) for their Top 20 Easter Days Out

The Guardian – IsleWalk17

Coast Magazine (February) – coverage for Island Cottage Holidays .

Bristol Post’s glossy Weekend magazine

Daily Star – Easter Eggtravaganzas
The Guardian (Tiny Homes)

Help us to help you
National travel writers tell us they don’t have time to read press releases, or even open-up the vast majority of their emails. But, we’ve got plenty of methods of getting the news out there so please do keep news of any openings, events, anniversaries and activities heading this way. As usual, a para about the event with key info including dates and prices (if relevant), plus one-high res image and that all important weblink.

Flashpackers – you heard it here first!
We’ve become used to glamping, staycations, and even champing (camping in a church). Now, we’re being told, there’s another emerging travel trend: flashpacking.

The Times travel desk has described it as a leisure activity on holiday which “could be a bit of pain en route but then is followed by a stay in a really nice boutique hotel with a relaxing evening meal”. So: that great feeling that you’ve become a backpacker again, but with a reward at the end (“a lovely place to scrub up and chill out with some great grub as well”).

This is likely to become a growing travel trend, and so please pass on any suggestions you may have for the “flashpacking” enquiries I’m sure to receive.