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Visit Isle of Wight are looking for stories from tourism business owners. We want to maximise our ‘Return to Adventure Island’ campaign by sharing stories of real, Isle of Wight people who have returned to Adventure Island to set up a tourism related business.

Maybe you came to the Isle of Wight as a child and returned to set up a tourism business? Or perhaps you were a high flier who decided to move to the Island to set up a B & B?

Visit Isle of Wight would love to hear personal stories from our Island tourism business community about how you’ve returned to Adventure Island…

We want to share these stories with the press, on our website and in social media. If there’s anything you think we’d be interested in, please do let us know and we’ll get in touch if we need more detail.

Here are the best ways to reach us and ensure you’re featured in this campaign:

  1. Email Sue Emmerson our press officer ( or Abi Fox our marketing and PR manager (, they are compiling the list of experiences and stories that will populate our toolkit.
  2. Phone our marketing & press office to discuss ideas: telephone 01983 521555 EXT 21 and ask for Abi or Sue.
  3. Use our online campaign questionnaire, a fun and quick way to give us the right information.

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