Adventure Island Family promotion

If you’re looking to attract family visitors in 2017, we would would like to invite you to feature in “Return to Adventure Island”  which is one of 9 thematic and 5 cluster campaigns we are running this WIGHTBID year (Sept 2016 to Sept 2017). There is no cost to having your products showcased in our campaigns, providing your organisation or business is a WIGHTBID levy payer, voluntary contributor, or authorised marketing partner. 

We want to feature your business in this campaign. We’re looking for great stories, products, experiences, facilities and spaces that really do inspire family togetherness.

When we asked our potential family visitors what “pure Island happiness” would mean to them, they told us it was quality time with their family & friends that mattered the most. The Isle of Wight is the perfect product for family togetherness: We have so many great experiences on the Island, we really are the UK’s Family Adventure Island, so from Easter 2017 we’ll be saying that this year the Isle of Wight is hosting a “Year of Family Adventures”

If you’re a holiday resort, accommodation provider, theme park or wildlife attraction, historic house or beach cafe, activity centre, museum, sports centre or family dining experience – we want to hear from you. Read the outline to this campaign below, thinking about your own products and services, and which might fit best. Then, when your ready click on the button at the bottom to drop us a line to let us know you could be part of this, and we’ll be back in touch to talk through your thoughts.

Your business could be big or small, niche or mainstream, a one man /woman band or a cast of thousands; we all need publicity, and Visit Isle of Wight’s thematic campaigns are a great way to raise your profile and make new sales.

Return to Adventure Island
Spring & summer campaign to attract more families to the Isle of Wight
No.3 in a series of thematic destination campaigns


Return to Adventure Island is the title of our “family holidays & short breaks” thematic campaign, which starts in February and runs until August 2017. This activity should increase the number of families & friends visiting the Island from the mainland this year, and beyond.

  • Through this campaign we hope to increase the number of families who visit the IOW by more than 5,000, which equates to approximately 20,000 – 30,000 individual visitors.
  • 20,000 extra visitors will bring £4million+ into the Isle of Wight economy.

We want to reach parents and grandparents who haven’t visited us since childhood, or have never visited the Island, but live in a town or city within 2 hours drive of the Solent.

Our message will also reach regular and occasional visiting families, and remind them to book their next Island holiday.

We will be investing £65,000 in this campaign (18% of our annual WIGHT BID levy income). The money will be spent on digital & social media, press & bloggers trips, print distribution & posters, and other activities designed to create interest in the Island, generate news coverage and lead to family bookings.

Through the work of our press office, a proportion of the campaign fund (around £15,000) is being spent to obtain positive editorial coverage online and in national newspapers and magazines worth over £800,000 by the end of the year.

Key Messages – giving families reasons to visit this year:

  1. It’s relaxing and fun: Chill out and share quality time together. It’s pure Island happiness.
  2. You’ll keep everyone happy: This is a big Island, with a huge amount to see and do, both in the open air and undercover
  3. Have a great adventure: 2017 is our year of family adventures, with new explorer trails, treasure hunts, festivals, carnivals and celebrations throughout the year
  4. Book before (Easter) to….. receive £100 worth of Island explorer cheques to spend during your stay
  5. Special offers now online: Save money on where to stay and ferry travel via the official tourist board website

Okay, so you have the overview.

Think about your business…. do you attract families & friends and are you keen to attract more? Does your business have a sense of adventure? Would families enjoy spending time with you? If the answer is yes then we want to hear from you. Tell us what you’re planning for 2017, tell us what families think about you, tell us about some of the great experiences that people have when they stay or visit you. We can use these stories and ideas to populate our campaign toolkit, which will be used by many agencies and journalists to talk about the Island this year.

What are we looking for?

  • Details about adventures for families to do together
  • Details about great places to stay that have a sense of adventure and are great for families
  • Information & photos of family restaurants, cafes, diners, tours and events that bring families together
  • We’re especially interested in activities, trails and treasure hunts that families and friends can enjoy together. 
  • We’re looking for the best family adventure experiences, and we’ll invite journalists from the mainland to come over and try them out. 

Usually we need one strong high-res image (without branding or copy), some words about the product and why its special, package and individual prices and additional information.


As part of this campaign we will be producing 5000 voucher booklets containing offers for family adventurers if they book their holiday before certain promotional deadlines. If you would like to provide an offer (no charge for inclusion) to feature in this booklet  (maximum reach 5000 families / 20,000 people) contact straight away.

If you already have a DMS (destination management system) record on our website, you can also provide special offers and packages via our monthly promotional offers page and e-newsletters, free of charge. To feature on our Family Adventures Special Offers section of please email or telephone 01983 521555 EXT 26. If you don’t have a DMS record on our system, and you’re a WIGHTBID payer, you’re entitled to one for free, so contact Jill anyway. 

Here are the best ways to reach us and ensure you’re featured in this campaign:

  1. Email Sue Emmerson our press officer ( or Abi Fox our marketing and PR manager (, they are compiling the list of experiences and stories that will populate our toolkit.
  2. Phone our marketing & press office to discuss ideas: telephone 01983 521555 EXT 21 and ask for Abi or Sue.
  3. Use our online campaign questionnaire, a fun and quick way to give us the right information.

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