Hampshire Country Watch – Useful Notifications

Hampshire Country Watch – Useful Alert Notifications to Help your Business


To help keep up-to-date on the latest news from organisations such as the Police, Neighbourhood Watch, Fire & Rescue Service and Local Authority organisations you might want to register on the Hampshire Country Watch website – www.hampshirecountrywatch.co.uk

By being part of this you will receive notifications from their Alert System which could help your business i.e. scams that are emerging in our area. We have had an accommodation provider report this week that there is a booking scam going around. This involves the enquirer stating that payment is coming from a third party and they would be sending a cheque that is significantly over the amount to cover their air fares. They also request that the accommodation provider sends them a cheque for the difference. This scam was flagged up by the Alert System and notified this particular accommodation provider who had registered to receive these notifications.

Stay alert and register now by visiting www.hampshirecountrywatch.co.uk