What do Visitors think about the Isle of Wight?

In December 2015 we asked over 120,000 previous visitors to comment, and over 15,000 did. Here’s a sample of what many had to say.

  • It is a small friendly island which means nowhere is very far to travel to. Having said that there’s so much to see and do from famous buildings and steam trains to glorious coasts, beaches and countryside and some lovely quaint welcoming hostelries!
  • It’s a getaway that’s not too far from home but just far enough to feel removed from daily life!
  • Distinct from its neighbour, Hampshire and unique in its character. Very pretty countryside, plenty of places to visit and plenty of good beaches. Lots of sailing and walking opportunities. easy to travel around by car, bike or using the local buses and train services. Family friendly.
  • We visited the Isle of Wight in September this year. It was our first time.  We were totally bowled over by the contrasting landscapes, the friendly people and the beautiful scenery.  There is so much to see and do we will definitely be back.
  • Peaceful and still a bit old fashioned, it reminded me of my childhood holidays with a family, traditional feel. 
  • Beautiful Island, full of history, scenery, sea, sand, fantastic food wonderful people lots of crafts and unique opportunities to unwind.
  • It’s very British, not very modern and has a more laid back island away from it all feel.
  • The Isle of Wight has some beautiful unspoilt countryside & lovely clean beaches. It is like stepping back in time to an England of the 50’s or 60’s which gives it a relaxed atmosphere
  • Glorious landscapes, dramatic seascapes, something for the whole family. A new world only across the water.
  • Restful, peaceful, relaxing. Nice people who smile.
  • As a part of the United Kingdom which has most of its attractions in an accessible area: sea, safe beaches, lovely countryside, quaint shops which can be a break from modern shopping centres and over lit malls but best of all – its history ( Carisbrooke Castle. WWII defences, Tennyson Keats links etc)
  • It ‘s like walking back in time, the Isle of Wight. Is magical as you get off the train, & then you get the bus to Ventnor you look at the villages & places you pass it is like a story coming to life.
  • A glorious, healthy, scenic island, with superb views on the top deck of a double-decker bus. Super walks, great ferry ride and plenty to see – old-fashioned, friendly and contagious. 
  • It is a very friendly place with things to do for all ages. Although expensive to get there it is worth it and as the Island has no motorway you will save some money on petrol. 
  • A beautiful Island with a mix of fantastic coastline and countryside and lots of things to see and do with a slightly laid back vibe
  • If you could imagine all the best bits of England condensed .

This survey is part of our 2015-16 brand development work, which will be revealed along with the 2016-2017 Island destination marketing plan at this year’s Isle of Wight Tourism Conference, 2nd of March 2016.