The Cut VAT Tourism Campaign has received great support and we would like to pass on the campaign’s latest e-bulletin by clicking here. This sets out the encouraging progress which has been made in recent weeks. Please get behind the campaign and check whether your local MP is on the list of nearly 100 that have already signed up. If not, make a point to ask for their support. There is plenty of of material and compelling facts and figures on the Campaign website making the case.

Tourism South East have kindly provided a briefing sheet which helps to outline some of the key issues. Please click here to view it.

Also a reminder about Tourism Constituency Day which is taking place on the 20th March during English tourism Week. It is an opportunity to invite our local MP to visit your business to gain a better appreciation of the importance of the industry and what the government can do to help it to grow. It would be a perfect time to press home the Cut Tourism VAT message.