Following Derek Clements’ visit to the Island arranged by the VIOW press team, we’ve received news of a double page spread in two of the most popular regional newspapers in the country (East Anglian Daily Times and Eastern Daily Press). Please click here to view this article.

The Island received more coverage from Derek Clements following his press trip, this time featuring Bicycle Island. Please click here to view this article.

In the September issue of Motor Caravanner, we received a travel feature piece entitled “Jewel of an Island”, describing the Island as a perfect destination for a keen cyclist or walker. Please click here to view this article.

The team are currently in the process of arranging a number of press visits, including one for Erik Brusten from Pasar magazine in Belgium. He is one the leading freelance travel journalists in Belgium and has been commissioned to write a travel feature about the Isle of Wight. Pasar has a readership of 126000 and is regarded as the leading travel magazine for Belgium.