The New Destination Management Plan for the Isle of Wight


Your advice and input is needed. The Isle of Wight is creating a Destination Management Plan that will lead our tourism development direction for the next few years. We welcome your thoughts, suggestions, observations and views about the document, which we hope to have in a completed version by November when it will go before the full Isle of Wight Council and other Island partners for adoption.  A destination management plan is not a marketing strategy for Visit Isle of Wight (although it influences Visit Wight’s marketing and development choices and actions), but a plan for the whole Island and all the organisations, companies and NGO’s involved in managing tourism or any aspects of it.

Here’s what VisitEngland have to say about the importance of having a Destination Management Plan: Destinations that are well managed will be more likely to generate `wise growth’ in their visitor economy, and are more likely to maximise the benefits of that growth in long term, additional income and jobs.  The best managed destinations are also likely to excel in attracting new investment, in keeping value-added jobs, in bringing in new talent and in stimulating innovation.  Great destinations are great places to live and work as well as to visit.

No one destination is the same as another.  The challenges and opportunities for growth will be different and the stakeholders present, their willingness, capability and skill will vary.  As such it is not appropriate to suggest that a one size fits all for destination management.  A common strand amongst organisations that are involved in the management of the visitor economy in a destination can be the strategic vision and joint plan.  How they achieve this will, however, differ.

A Destination Management Plan (DMP) is a shared statement of intent to manage, develop and promote a destination over a stated period of time. It articulates both the roles of the different stakeholders, identifies clear actions that they will undertake and the resources they will allocate. 

Click here to read more, download a copy of the draft document and help us shape the future here on the Isle of Wight.